The IWPA Executive Board does a phenomenal job of keeping the Association running and growing. Its commitment to continuing the mission of our founders over 130 years demonstrates passion for communications in general, and the importance of our unique place in history. The dedicated work of our Board members promotes IWPA’s ability to continue shaping history, while moving the organization forward into the 21st Century – building a community for the communicators of today and tomorrow.

As we head into Fall, we’re looking to add  two additional members to the team. The first open role is the 1st VP/Program Chair position, driving the agenda of IWPA’s public and private membership events and festival participation. We are also seeking a PenPoints quarterly newsletter Editor – an individual who wants to tell the rich stories of our accomplished membership, while reporting on our activities using cutting-edge email marketing technology.

Why should you join the Executive Board? What makes IWPA leadership so appealing? I asked current member Cora Weisenberger, Chair of the High School Communications Contest, what being a part of the Board has done for her, personally and professionally.

She told me that she decided to become a Board member because she reached a point in her life where she wanted to give back to the profession that she loves, helping other members connect with resources and leads at all career stages. Cora herself lost a job in late 2012, and was in need of social media experience and general networking to land another position. When the opening presented itself, Cora raised a hand, becoming IWPA’s social media coordinator and PenPoints Editor.

The experience she’s gained from her Board work has been plentiful and diverse. She has become well-versed in social media campaign strategy, key in today’s digital communications world. And by writing articles for and editing the newsletter, she’s garnered quality writing samples for her portfolio.

And this has translated directly into paid employability. Cora is currently a Communications Manager at a non-profit. The recruiter was attracted to the breadth of Cora’s career, including her leadership roles at IWPA, also a non-profit organization. Experience, networking opportunities, and resume building blocks – that’s what you get when you volunteer a little of your time serving on the Executive Board.  

We urge you to consider taking your career to the next level, while giving back to the IWPA community, by volunteering for one of our open Board seats. You will be part of a team that is more than just a group of dedicated volunteers. Collectively we are committed to the highest ethical standards in communications, protecting First Amendment rights, professional growth, mentoring the next generation of communicators, and creating professional opportunity for each other. It’s an incredibly close-knit family that’s always looking toward our illustrious past, our dynamic present and an exciting future.

Interested? Email to learn more.

Image courtesy of Flickr user K2 Space.