So We All May Be Heard

Spotlight on Excellence: Winslow, Zerkel and Carlisle

Seventy-five years after an active group of suffragettes and temperance workers founded the Illinois Woman's Press Association (IWPA), the oldest active organization of women writers began honoring an individual from within its membership with a distinctive award. Today, that honor is known as the Communicator of Achievement.  IWPA is an affiliate of the National Federation [...]

IWPA Celebrates the Best in Professional and High School Writing

This year IWPA celebrates the 83rd Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest. Begun in 1941 in memory of IWPAs ninth president, Mate E. Palmer, it would be Sadie Quayle, Palmer’s caregiver who had cared for her during her last days of illness, who approached then president, Helen Miller Malloch requesting the Association establish a writing contest [...]

Visionary Women

Anna Byford Leonard Visionary Women – Champions of Peace and Nonviolence is the theme of the 2019 Women’s History Month. Illinois Woman’s Press Association advocacy has roots in the 19th-century suffrage movement. Throughout the past century, IWPA rights advocates worked both inside and outside of the political system to promote women’s and children’s rights not [...]

Teacher, Author, Advocate

Maude M. Jackson loved children. She especially enjoyed teaching them. She spent part of her career writing training material encouraging children’s skills for vocal and physical development to be used not just inside a classroom, but also at church, and within the home. Between 1901 and 1902, as a member of the Illinois Woman’s Press [...]

She Pioneered In-Depth Prison and Crime Reporting

She started her journalistic career while attending high school in her hometown, Joliet, Illinois. Stateville, a maximum security state prison, sits on the rolling edge of the neighboring town of Crest Hill situated on Route 53. It is 37 miles south of Chicago. The prison was then and remains now, home for some of Chicago’s [...]

From Community Activist to City’s Hall of Fame – Lucille Hecht

Attending Chicago's Old Town Art Fair is a June ritual for residents and out-of-town visitors. The Fair and its art center have played an essential role Lucille Hecht (IWPA archives) in defining that Near North Side neighborhood. It is uniquely Chicago. Years ago, when forces were coming together to create the first art [...]

Beginnings: The IWPA/ NFPW Heritage

The story of the National Federation of Press Women began more than 80 years ago when Helen Miller Malloch had a vision Helen Miller Malloch 20th president of IWPA for a national organization of professional newspaperwomen and writers in 1935, similar to the vision Marion MacBride from the Boston Post had in 1884, [...]

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