The IWPA is excited to announce the winners of our 2023 High School Communications Contest!

This year, we had 107 entries from a total of 8 high schools, and we are excited to announce the winner of the Silver Pen award for the most points across categories is Huntley High School!

First Place winners go on to compete in the National Federation of Press Women’s High School Communications Contest. See below for the list of all the winners from different schools. Congratulations to all the winners!

Homewood-Flossmoor High School

First Place

Timmy VanEtten – Radio or Podcast Prepared Report – Lunch Prices

Patrice St. Jean – Radio / Television Interview or Talk Show – Student Activists

Ashley Rosales – Video News Story – Drama’s New Play 

Lea Ryndak – Video Feature Story – Sewing 

Nate Locker, Kalel Fargo – Video Sports Story – Bigger than Basketball

Second Place

Timmy VanEtten, Jalen Allred-Coleman – Radio / Television Interview or Talk Show

Ella Aceves, Eliya Hobson – Video News Story

Nate Locker, Josh Fajardo – Video Feature Story

Third Place

Patrice St. Jean – Radio or Podcast Prepared Report

Jasmen Walker – Video Sports Story

Huntley High School

First Place

Jessy Gone – News Story – Stay Positive Dawgs

Alexis Cobb – News or Feature Photo – Homecoming Pep Rally: Guy Poms Celebrate

Alexis Cobb – Sports Photo – Alex Johnson Long Jump

Alexis Cobb – Graphics / Photo Illustration – Black History Month Cover

Jessica Olson, Alexandra Strzelecki – Yearbook Layout – He Shoots, He Scores

Anna Marciniak – Yearbook Copywriting – Community Contributions

Second Place

Abby Panier – Editorial 

Megan Curry – Opinion 

Chase Keller – Sports Story

Irene Banerjee – Review

Katie Walsh – News or Feature Photo

Dana Arellano – Graphics / Photo Illustration

Karen Razal, Kylie Phommasack – Yearbook Layout

Third Place

Abby Panier – Editorial

Jessy Gone – News Story

Chase Keller – Sports Story

Alexis Cobb – Sports Photo

Ava Burns, Kylie Phommasack – Yearbook Layout

Honorable Mention

Sophia Coronado – Opinion

Sophia Coronado – News Story

Abby Panier – Sports Story

Jacey Sola – Review

Alexis Cobb – Sports Photo

Alyssa Olson – Yearbook Layout


First Place

Lizzy Sidman – Opinion – The Reasons for Self-Defense Classes

Anna Olp – Environment – What climate change looks like in the midwest region

Second Place

Paige Whiteside – Radio or Podcast Prepared Report

Third Place

Ashley Vanderhoff – Graphics / Photo Illustration

Katie Pfotenhauer – Single-Page Layout

Elliot Krippelz – Double-Truck Layout

Honorable Mention

Lizzy Sidman – Feature Story

Audrey Walker – Honorable Mention


First Place

Vanessa Moreno – Feature Story – At the center of ‘the drug triangle’

Second Place

Madison Harvey – Video Sports Story

Mackenzie Sroka – Sports Photo

Third Place

Alayna Majkzrak – Feature Story

Cooper Ten Bruin – Radio / Television Interview or Talk Show

Cooper Ten Bruin, Rayaan Ahmed – Video Feature Story

Honorable Mention

Eli Frommes – Feature Story

Madison Harvey – Video Feature Story

Nikki Sasson – Opinion

Nikki Sasson – Feature Story

Metea Valley High School

Third Place

Ollie Shuminas – News or Feature Photo

Saint Viator High School

Honorable Mention

Clare McDonough – Opinion

Aaditya Patel, Atharva Patel – News Story

Anthony Pretto – Sports Story

Jos Mendez, Isabella Matuk – Review

Paige Natindim – Cartooning

Stevenson High School

First Place

Vivian Zhu – Editorial – Challenging the Court of Law

Kelly Liu, Shannon Moser – Sports Story – Embodying Perfection

Kashvi Nagpal, Camden Wright – Review – Spooky Specials

Jennifer Huang – Cartooning – Man Down

Jennifer Huang, Kelly Liu – Single- Page Layout – Pencils Down 

Timothy Bui, Katya Dubinin, Collin Fan – Double-Truck Layout – Coaching Off-Court

Second Place

Gaurish Lakhanpal, Aayushi Wadhawan, Vivian Zhu – News Story

Fiona Jin, Anika Krishnaswamy, Kelly Liu, Shannon Moser, Aaroh Tak – Feature Story

Elizabeth Yuan – Cartooning

Matt McGowan, Vivian Zhu – Single-Page Layout

Saanvi Adusumalli, Jennifer Huang, Adi Jaiswal, Ava Winber – Double-Truck Layout

Collin Fan, Lance Locker – Environment

Third Place

Lance Locker, Elizabeth Yuan – Opinion

Honorable Mention

Rachel Bui, Collin Fan, Angela Guo, Shannon Moser – Feature Story

Ansh Aggarwal – News or Feature Photo

Nicole Yao – Cartooning

Eshaam Bhattad, Gaurish Lakhanpal, Shannon Moser – Double-Truck Layout

Ansh Aggarwal – Radio or Podcast Prepared Report