The IWPA is excited to announce the winners of our 2024 High School Communications Contest!

This year, we had 122 entries from a total of 7 high schools, and we are excited to announce the winner of the Silver Pen award for the most points across categories is Huntley High School!

First Place winners go on to compete in the National Federation of Press Women’s High School Communications Contest. See below for the list of all the winners from different schools. Congratulations to all the winners!

Homewood-Flossmoor High School

First Place

Tim VanEtten – Radio / Television Interview or Talk Show – Redesigning Learning

Charley Dieringer, Tristan Lewis – Video Feature Story – Bridging the work force skills gap

Jasmen Walker – Video Sports Story – HF Field Hockey- Starting Success

Second Place

Jasmen Walker – Radio / Television Interview or Talk Show

Emmanuel Wright, Harry Komorowski – Video News Story

Kymora Scott, Chris Tompkins – Video Sports Story

Honorable Mention

Charlie Wachtel, Nikolai Lawrence – Video Feature Story

Cameron Williams – Video Feature Story

Declan Klyn, Macy Hamer – Video Sports Story


Huntley High School

First Place

Maggie Armstrong, Jessy Gone – Feature Story – Backstage

Rumaithah Khan – Columns or Blogs – A genocide is a genocide

Kathleen Nash – Sports Photo – Football team takes the field

Taryn Rainey – Cartoon – A genocide is a genocide cartoon

Nikolette Murphy – Yearbook Layout – They see me rollin’

Alyssa Olson – Yearbook Photo – Sliding Into a Win

Grace Skiba – Yearbook Copywriting – Red Raider Pride

Second Place

Maggie Armstrong – Review

Jessy Gone – Editorial

Ly Martil – News or Feature Photo

Logan Young, William Mize, Taylor Casey, Nicholas Ziolkowski, Dylan Fekete, Jared Sztukowski, Jackson Loukota, Elly Winter, Szymon Woznica, Shane Murphy – Best Newscast

Alyssa McQueen – Yearbook Layout

Alyssa Olson – Yearbook Photo

Ashley Foster – Yearbook Copywriting

Third Place

Daniel Przybylko – News Story

Jessy Gone – Sports Story

Maya Hiermann – Sports Photo

Jared Sztukowski – Video News Story

Cooper Wackerlin – Yearbook Photo

Honorable Mention

Maggie Armstrong – Editorial

Daniel Przybylko – News Story

Taryn Rainey – Sports Story

Jessy Gone – Sports Story

Maggie Armstrong – Sports Story

Irene Banerjee – Video News Story

William Mize – Video News Story

Taylor Casey, Audrey Sturwold – Video News Story

Jared Sztukowski – Video News Story

Trent Van Yzendoorn – Video Feature Story

Taylor Casey – Yearbook Copywriting

Ava Burns – Yearbook Copywriting



First Place

Kevin Sigrist – Review – Andor: A Fresh Take on Star Wars

Second Place

Katie Pfotenhauer – Columns or Blogs

Jasper Paulson – Graphics / Photo Illustration

Elliot Krippelz – Double-Truck Layout

Lizzy Sidman – Environment

Third Place

Krier Executive Staff – Editorial

Sela Valignota, Teaghan Hardy – Single-Page Layout

Honorable Mention

Lizzy Sidman – Opinion

Carli Filek, Jasper Paulson, Audrey Walker, Preslee Sutherland – News Story

Audrey Walker – Sports Story

Sarah Slattery – Sports Photo



First Place

Grace Crockett – News Story – MCHS cancels in-person learning Friday

Leylah Moreno – News or Feature Photo – Urban legends of McHenry County

Lydia Lawrence, Alexis Januk – Radio or Podcast Prepared Report – A step further

Reilly Byron – Video News Story – Key Club Hosts Annual Gift Wrapping Event

Second Place

Vanessa A. Moreno – News Story

Vanessa A. Moreno – Feature Story

Rose Wenckebach – Sports Photo

Madisyn Spencer – Radio or Podcast Prepared Report

Alyssa Thomas – Video Feature Story

Third Place

Gabe Santos – Opinion

Maggie Maciaszek – Video Feature Story

Honorable Mention

Lydia Lawrence – Opinion

Lillian Adams – Sports Story

Rose Wenckebach – Sports Photo

Leylah Moreno – Review

Madisyn Spencer – Video Feature Story


Metea Valley High School

Honorable Mention

Samruddhi Patil – Opinion

Ritika Khurana – Opinion

Dhiya Ashlyn Dhaya Sharmila – News Story

Isabelle Leofanti, Madison Moon – News Story

Lindsey Hall – Review


Saint Viator High School

Second Place

Fernanda Romero – Opinion

Third Place

Xochitl Chury – Review

Honorable Mention

Ainslie McKenna – Sports Story

Katie Watson – Sports Photo


Stevenson High School

First Place

Fiona Jin – Editorial – Under the Varnish

Fiona Jin, Ishanvi Chaudhary – Opinion – More Than Barbie

Sriya Mamidanna, Sreeja Muthukannen, Sona Surya – Sports Story – An Hour of Need

Elizabeth Yuan – Graphics / Photo Illustration – Plugged In

Ansh Aggarwal, Jennifer Huang, Veronica Jia – Double-Truck Layout – Black Box

Timothy Bui, Allyson Duan – Environment – Climatic Consequences

Second Place

Adi Jaiswal, Fiona Jin, Grace Sun – Sports Story

Third Place

Ansh Aggarwal, Jennifer Huang, Veronica Jia – Feature Story

Nicole Yao – Graphics / Photo Illustration

Honorable Mention

Eshaam Bhattad, Navya Saxena – News Story

Yumna Ali-Khan, Timothy Bui, Ava Gordon, Harikesh Prasad – Feature Story

Saanvi Adusumalli, Allyson Duan, Navya Saxena, Vivian Zhu – Feature Story

Satviki Inturi, Nicole Yao – Review

Brayden Caldwell – Review

Sriya Mamidanna, Tej Kosaraju, Grace Sun, Siya Patel – Graphics / Photo Illustration

Adi Jaiswal, Jacob Silverman – Single-Page Layout