The Illinois Woman’s Press Association is proud to announce the First Place winners of the 2022 Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest. Begun in 1941, the writing contest was established in memory of the ninth president of IWPA. The state contest has expanded widely since those early years to parallel categories set forth by the National Federation of Press Women ( First place winners in the IWPA contest go on to compete on the national platform in the NFPW contest. Winners in the NFPW competition will be announced in June during the national conference. Total results for the IWPA state competition will be announced in April.

IL-9207 10C – Newsletter/other publication, non-profit, government, or educational- Marlene Cook, Fenger News

IL-9189 08A – General- Marlene Cook, Marlene’s Musings

IL-7214 08D – Personal opinion (bylined, not editorial)- Joshua Friedberg, I Never Liked the Rain Until I Walked through It with . . . Me?, I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound

IL-7175 09 – Headlines-Joshua Friedberg, ‘We’ll Listen to Music Together across the Skies’; James Baldwin Digs into the Roots of American Music; I Never Liked the Rain Until I Walked through It with . . . Me?; The Hype of Political Correctness—and When It’s Real

IL-7067 17 – Essay, Chapter, or Section in a Book- Joshua Friedberg, The Fighter Still Remains: A Story of Creativity, Metaphors, and Triumph

IL-7062 05C – Online publication- Joshua Friedberg, Universal Songs? Interpreting Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the Key of Life’

IL-11938 19B – Magazine/Magapaper (newspaper format with magazine-style writing and design)- Suzanne Hanney, A Fresh Guide to Farmers Markets 2021

IL-11871 07E – Food- Suzanne Hanney, Garfield Park Neighborhood Market, page 12

IL-10656 07Q – Social issues-Suzanne Hanney, State bills would expand doula care to give Black moms more support

IL-10583 07H – Green/environmental-Suzanne Hanney, Recycling in Chicago (page 8-14)

IL-10582 07G – Government or politics- Suzanne Hanney, 2 Sides of the Chicago Budget (includes two stories: “The Mayor’s Budget Plans” (pp.. 8-9) and “Right to Recovery Coalition Challenges Mayor’s Budget” (pp. 10-11)

IL-10526 07C – Business- Suzanne Hanney, Madam C. J. Walker inspires YWCA /DePaul women’s business accelerator pp 8-13

IL-10517 05B – Magazine, newsletter/other publication- Suzanne Hanney, Street Medicine with The Night Ministry

L-10108 07T – Travel- Frank Hosek, Exploring the whimsy of Martha’s Vineyard

IL-1022 37A – Nonprofit, government or educational- Janis Johnston, Pearls of Strength

IL-7184 06B – More than 500 words- Trevor Kupfer, The Fight Isn’t Over

IL-10810 37C – Personal- Bonnie McGrath, Chris Hedges’ recent talk in Chicago brought back memories of my days in jail

IL-8906 12B – Biography or History- Margot McMahon, If Trees Could Talk password: trees

IL-9892 39A – Nonprofit, government or educational-Janice Renee Newman, Ywhynot (Facebook Web Page)

IL-9891 29B – Television- Janice Renee Newman, Y? Why Not! Show – Coping with Elderly Care and Death

IL-9883 31 – Talk Show- Janice Renee Newman, Y? Why Not! Show – Topic: Renewed Life with guest Jerry Davis-El (Season 3 Episode 15)

IL-10563 30 – Interview Janice Renee Newman, Y? Why Not! interviews Honorable Judge Tiesha Smith on topic: Courtroom Tips

IL-11581 07M – Physical health (fitness, diet, clean lifestyle)- Ronit Rose, Breast Cancer Breakthroughs: Better surgeries, less radiation, and new drugs are changing treatments and offering hope

IL-10667 07P – Science or technology- Katie Scarlett, Beyond Covid-19: mRNA vaccines get ready for their next act: fighting cancer

IL-10676 25B – Magazine or magapaper (newsletter format with magazine-style writing and design)- Erin Sullivan, Not Safe at Home: As Covid-19 stress continues, domestic violence escalates in Chicago

IL-10416 13A – Fiction- Carrie Steinweg, So Many Ways To Say I Love You

IL-9901 01B – Magazine, newsletter/other print publication- Pat Szpekowski, Faces of O’Hare

IL-8887 07L – Personal essay (article from author’s perspective with single thesis, supporting statements and conclusion)- Michele Weldon, Not About The Soup: A Sister’s Recipe For Her Brother’s Last Days

IL-8886 57 – Speech- Michele Weldon, She Is One Of Us

IL-8878 004: 04 – Editorial/Opinion – Michele Weldon, HBO Max’s ‘Sex and the City’ reboot also revives outdated marriage tropes, First Place

IL-8881 005-a: 05A – Print-based newspaper – Michele Weldon, Americans Are Hitting The Road To Get Vaccinated, First Pl

IL-9604 50 – Audiovisuals- Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas, IWPA 2021 Mate E. Palmer Communications Awards