MARION E. GOLD, a 28-year member of the National Association of Press Women—and long-time dual member of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association and Arizona Professional Writers—has launched her first novel, co-authored with acclaimed novelist Jerry Marcus. “Escape from Heaven” is a provocative and insightful in which Moses and Jesus meet in Heaven and decide to work together for the sake on all humanity. Gold and Marcus used a unique technique of vignettes as Moses and Jesus painstakingly discuss faith, tolerance, religion, and bigotry—and the evil committed throughout history in the name of religion. It is a novel where readers meet ordinary people who struggle with good versus evil, politics, friendships, religion, the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. It is about the every-day challenges of life and death, our relationships with God—and all facets of humanity that impact upon the human condition—including a debate about free will, how each individual has the potential to live a life of honest reflection, faith and good works.

Marion is the author of the award-winning “Top Cops: Profiles of Women in Command,” which was endorsed by former Governors George Ryan (Illinois), George Pataki (New York), and Janet Napolitano, former US Secretary of Homeland Secretary, and Governor of Arizona. She also wrote the “Personal Publicity Planner—A Guide to Marketing You,” and co-authored (wrote two chapters) published in “Skirting Traditions: ArizonaWomen Writers & Journalists 1912-2012”. Marion’s essay on “The Heart and Soul of Communications” was also published in the “Centennial Anthology” of the Illinois Women’s Press Association.

JERRY MARCUS is an award-winning author and is internationally acclaimed for his ability to create compelling fiction about thought-provoking issues such as anti-Semitism, political intrigue, and religious hypocrisy. Reviewers have called Marcus prophetic, provocative, masterful, compelling, original and creative – and even a heretic. Morton Teicher, Book Editor for The Jewish Floridian, compared Marcus to Chaim Potok,  writing “Marcus caused us to care about the characters he created His first novel, published in 1982, was recommended by the American Jewish Congress—and is part of a special collection in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “Escape from Heaven” was his seventh and final novel. Sadly, Marcus passed away before the book was published.

The book is available on and at Brittany Publications, Ltd.