On remaining summer Fridays, IWPA’s 3rd Vice President and Professional Contest Chair Ana Mendez will shine a spotlight on some of our 2018 High School Contest Winners. This week’s featured school is Huntley High School…

Huntley High School: District 158

IWPA’s 2018 High School Contest accepted 113 entries in 23 different categories from students of all genders attending public and private schools across Illinois. This year Huntley High School took first place for Best Newscast Radio or TV, winning recognition for its collaborative cast.

The student cast includes:

  • Isabella Cangiolosi
  • Andrew Burkey
  • Bryce Dalton
  • Justin Mehlhop
  • Nick Decatoire
  • Blake Kellinger
  • Madison Kerley

Their winning entry, entitled “Raider Nation News: Episode 14,” derives from their weekly school news coverage videos. The brief episode demonstrates an array of skills these students are already developing; editing, equipment, script writing, announcing news, brainstorming segments, and delivering WIFM to audiences. The professionalism displayed makes it clear why their entry came out on top.

These students are dedicating time to creating communicative pieces of journalism that interest their peers and best represent the student body. In addition to being recognized by the IWPA, the 2016-2017 Huntley High School TV Production team won first prize in the Division AA News Program category at the Midwest Media Educators Association VidFest.

Congratulations to Huntley High School students and faculty! It is your passion and dedication that serves to inspire others to create great content.