On Fridays, IWPA’s 3rd Vice President and Professional Contest Chair Ana Mendez shines a spotlight on some of our 2018 High School Contest Winners. This week’s featured school is Adlai E. Stevenson High School…

IWPA’s 2018 High School Contest accepted 113 entries in 23 different categories from students of all genders attending public and private schools across Illinois. This year, Adlai E. Stevenson High School students took First Place in three different categories: Features, Double Truck Layout and Sports Story. The winning publications are:

The variety of skills accessed, and topics broached, is impressive and inspirational. “Closing the Gap,” takes on female representation in STEM fields, an issue of concern for girls in high school feeling discouraged about entering these professions. The feature is informative, positive, and highly relevant to our society, well beyond high school.

“Where Art They Now,” leverages page space in a very creative way. The layout’s aesthetics provide a symmetry and order that mirror the content’s topic – art, and where students from Adlai Stevenson High School have traveled post-high school.

“Handling the Hazing,” provides insight into the problem of hazing in high school athletics. Lee and Fowler articulately address the issue and acknowledge the general attitude and preventative measures being pursued on their own campus. Putting their story in perspective with what is going on in the district, they situate their narrative within a much broader discussion.

What all of these winning entries demonstrate is maturity. Students are creating work that is highly relevant, interesting, and well produced. IWPA is proud to support the faculty and students of Adlai E. Stevenson High school. We value their education, hard work and passion for communications. Congratulations!