Each Friday this summer, IWPA’s 3rd Vice President and Professional Contest Chair Ana Mendez will shine a spotlight on one of our 2018 Mate E. Palmer/National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest Winners. This week’s featured communicator is Susan Brauer…

Susan Brauer is an award-winning author, artist, publisher, advocate for women, blogger, and public speaker. A dedicated member of IWPA since 2005, Brauer has touched countless people with her personal story. Her book Just Keep Dancing, invites readers into her 20 year experience in an abusive relationship. The way Brauer makes herself vulnerable so that others can learn and grow along with her – as she eventually triumphs over adversity – demonstrates her brave and generous nature. Brauer is also founder and president of Dreamers Tapestry Inc., a publishing company that that brings women’s creative work, like her own memoir, into public view.

This year, Brauer was awarded the highest honor that IWPA and other National Federation of Press Women affiliates bestow, the Communicator of Achievement (COA) Award. With this win, Brauer will vie alongside other COA winners from across the country for a chance to receive the coveted National Communicator of Achievement Award. Brauer is a deserving recipient for her professional accomplishments, as well as her dedication to IWPA, serving as the longtime Executive Board Treasurer.

She is more however than a writer and organizational volunteer. Brauer is an accomplished public speaker,  appearing at events such as “Stop the Violence” featured at Illinois high schools across the Midwest. Her messages of love, female empowerment, and self-realization are an inspiration to our youth. 

Of her long time Association membership Brauer observes, “being a member of the IWPA for the past 13 years has provided me with friendships and opportunities that have not only acknowledged and validated my past works and their commitment to the power of the written word, but also aided and energized me in my efforts going forward to help women overcome all adversity in their lives and reach for the stars.”

Brauer first met members of IWPA at a conference for independent authors shortly after her book was published. It is the support and camaraderie she felt that reinforced her decision to join. While Brauer values the Association highly, it is IWPA that feels the privileged to have such an inspirational person among our membership ranks.

Congratulations Susan!

Visit Susan’s website here.

Learn more about Dreamers Tapestry here.