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Dream Image Press (2018)
Language: English
ISBN -13: 978-0-9744812-3-4

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For the past five years, educator, author and illustrator Dr. Elana Ashley has been focusing on the issue of Bullying Prevention. Her work has taken the form of books for children and adults, as well as educational programs. Her goal is to empower adults and children with anti-bullying know-how and strategies to cope with bullying issues. Her new book  for adults entitled  Bullying and Prevention Strategies: Interview with Educator and Author Dr. Elana Ashley provides a great foundation for understanding the meaning of bullying; detecting warning signs of victims and perpetrators; learning varied strategies for coping with harassment; as well as developing compassionate, healthy and safe methods for raising children. In addition, parents learn ways to empower themselves and their families with conflict resolution skills, positive self-esteem and high values and ethical standards for peaceful learning, living, and loving. Ashley’s new book is a valuable lead-in to her children and family book Big Bully Holly Howler, a work available in English and English-Spanish editions.