The Illinois Woman’s Press Association is pleased to announce the following First Place Winners in the Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest. These entries have moved forward to compete on the national platform at the 2021 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest. National results will be announced in April.

Katie Scarlett Brandt

Writing > 05 – Feature Story > 05B – Magazine, newsletter/other publication

“The Great Unequalizer: Chicago faced severe health inequities long before Covid-19. Whose job is it to solve the problem?”

Eve Becker and Katie Scarlett Brandt

Editing for Print or Online Publications > 19 – Publication Regularly Edited by Entrant > 19B – Magazine/Magapaper (newspaper format with magazine-style writing and design)

“Chicago Health Magazine – fall 2020 print issue”

Lorna Collier

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07M – Physical health (fitness, diet, clean lifestyle)

“In Covid-19 Long-Haul Syndrome, Symptoms Continue for Months

Marlene Cook

Writing > 10 – Publications Regularly Written by Entrant > 10C – Newsletter/other publication, non-profit, government, or educationalFenger High School Class of June 1952

Writing > 08 – Columns > 08A GeneralMarlene’s Musings”

Michelle Cox

Writing > Books, Short Stories, Verse > 11 – Fiction for Adult Readers > 11A – Novels (More than 40,000 words) A Child Lost

Joshua Friedberg

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07L – Personal essay (article from author’s perspective with single thesis, supporting statements and conclusion) I’m So Proud of My Gay Grandson!’

Web and Social Media > 41 – Video for Web > 41E – Special interest video

Redefining Creativity as an Autistic Person

Writing > 09 Headlines Four Essay Headlines

Writing > 05 – Feature Story > 05C – Online publicationRethinking Race and Gender in

Country: Four Essential Books

Suzanne Hanney

Writing > 06 – Personality Profile > 06B – More than 500 words

“You Are Enough: Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman

Spreads a message of hope around the world”

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07D – Education “Parent groups question CPS pace for remote learning”

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07G – Government or politics

Fair tax ‘is not communism, it’s math;’ it brings revenue to fix state’s woes

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07Q – Social issues

“You Still Count! The state of the 2020 census”

Timothy Libretti

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07A – Agriculture (agribusiness, aquaculture)

Coronavirus Makes Us Re-think How We Value Labor and Lives

Writing > Books, Short Stories, Verse > 17 – Essay, Chapter, or Section in a Book

“Getting Fooled Again by Populism: Detecting the Origins of American Hate in Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam”

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07H – Green/environmental

007-h IL-4573 Can an economy destroy the environment and still be considered ‘strong’?

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07B – Arts and entertainment (enter reviews in 7O)

Queen’s Gambit Portrays Damage of Sexism, Class System for All

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07R SportsThe Last Dance: What Michael Jordan teaches about defeating Trumpism

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07I HistoryTom Cotton’s 1619 Project Legislation Highlights Ignorance Of Political Economy and History

Writing > 02 – Continuing Coverage or Unfolding NewsThe Supreme Court’s Vexed Relationship with Civil and Democratic Rights

Writing > 03 – In-depth ReportingCoronavirus Offers Ongoing Lessons for Addressing America’s Social Problems

Writing > 04 – Editorial/OpinionOpinion: Are We All in This Together? Not When Republicans Funnel Relief to Millionaires

Writing > 01 – News Story > 01C – Online publication

Stripping protection for federal workers, Trump squeezes experts out of government

Writing > 08 – Columns > 08D – Personal opinion (bylined, not editorial) Opinion: When It Comes to Really Valuing Essential Workers, Gretchen Whitmer Puts Michigan’s Money Where the Nation’s Mouth Is; Opinion: The GOP’s False Choice between Saving Lives and Saving the Economy Is a Failure of the Imagination

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07C BusinessTrump Believes Making America Competitive Depends on Slashing Americans’ Wages

Bonnie McGrath

Web and Social Media > 37 – Blog > 37C – Personal

On dishwashing, ATMs, walking the neighborhood and shopping for food during the time of “we’re all in this together….”

Janice Newman

Radio and Television > 30 InterviewY? Why Not! Show Topic: Parenting Without Losing Your Mind with Guest Anthony Ward, Jr.

Radio and Television > 31 – Talk ShowY? Why Not! Getting Financially Sound Part 3 with Susan Pfeiffer

Radio and Television > 29 – Special Programming > 29B Television Y? Why Not! Show Topic: Solutions for the Racial Tension in America with guest Dr. Isaiah D. Simpson

Web and Social Media > 39 – Social Media Presence > 39A – Nonprofit, government or educational

Ywhynot (Facebook Web Page)

Becky Sarwate

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07O – Reviews (any subject, must express a personal opinion)

‘Hedda Gabler: a Play with Music’ Delivers an Inventive Take on Ibsen’s Classic

Loni Strach

Writing > Books, Short Stories, Verse > 16 – Creative Verse > 16A – Single poem

“Hide and SeeK

Erin Sullivan

Graphics and Design > 25 – Page Design > 25B – Magazine or magapaper (newsletter format with magazine-style writing and design)

“Power to the People: Senior Activists Make Their Voices Heard

Pat Szpekowski

Writing > 05 – Feature Story > 05A – Print-based newspaperVaping Vigilance”

Writing > 07 – Specialty Articles > 07N ReligionCatholic Chaplains Change Normal Routines

Heidi Wagner

Photography > 23 – Photographer-writer

“The Passions Project: Capturing lives filled with enthusiasm, vitality and meaning

Mary Wagner

Graphics and Design > 26 – Book Designed by EntrantFinnigan the Lionhearted

Michele Weldon

Writing > Books, Short Stories, Verse > 12 – Nonfiction Book for Adult Readers > 12A – Autobiography or MemoirAct Like You’re Having A Good Time: Essays

Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas

Communications Programs and Campaigns > 46 – Public Relations Campaign

“NFPW Zoom Communicator of Achievement Ceremony

Communications Programs and Campaigns > 50 – Audiovisuals

“Meet Our National COAs / 2020 Celebrating COA History