In the absence of a live event this spring, which would have allowed us to introduce our talented new slate of leaders to membership and the public, we’re using our digital platforms to get virtually acquainted. First up, meet Art Brauer, IWPA’s 51st President, a longtime member, and the first male to occupy the seat. 

When did you first become an IWPA member, and how was that connection made?
While searching marketing venues for our newly published book, Just Keep Dancing, my wife, [longtime IWPA Treasurer] Susan and I were introduced to the IWPA through their 2005 Fall Book Fair, held at the Chicago Cultural Center.

The Cultural Center was so impressive, and while there we met so many others who, like Susan and I, were also very enthusiastic for the opportunity to take part in this event.

Throughout that day we really became acquainted with the IWPA’s goals, its people and its rich history – – we were hooked.

Describe your new board role, and name something you hope to accomplish during the first year of your term.
I am the 51st President of the organization, and want to reintroduce Illinoisans to the wealth of knowledge, determination and creativity of the IWPA’s talented members, whose works are successfully on display in every form of media.

As a male leader in a historic organization built upon female suffrage, community and career advocacy, how will you help carry IWPA into an inclusive future, while respecting its formidable past?
I want to use my voice and our platforms to highlight the diversity of Illinois writing. I also want to help improve the professional standards of our members, and to share new ideas and information