Social Media and the 1st Amendment: Shouting “Fire” Online?

Threats, trolls, online harassment – what’s a First Amendment lover to think about where we’re going with social media? After the shooting of five Dallas police and transit officers at a Black Lives Matter rally this summer and a similar incident in Baton Rouge, Facebook and Twitter sizzled with incendiary statements calling for more […]

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Kathryn Winslow: Extraordinary Friendships Led to Her Remarkable Life

Her name was Kathryn Winslow. She was a novelist, businesswoman, a publicist for a World’s Fair, and a reporter and columnist for the Chicago Tribune. She was also the first woman honored by the Illinois Woman’s Press Association as its “Woman of Achievement.”
The author of three books, the first Big Pan Out: The Story […]

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Roundup: First Amendment News You Can Use – Election 2016

There’s no shortage of First Amendment fodder as this unprecedentedly weird election cycle unfolds. Where do the candidates stand?  Here’s a few things you should know.

The most important First Amendment position taken by any of the candidates is Democrat Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she would seek a reversal of the Supreme Court’s ominously democracy-hobbling […]

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IL Legislation Set to Restore 1st Amendment Protection for High Schools

Schools are not simply places that students go to learn reading, math and kick around a soccer ball during gym. They are the essential training ground for participation in our representative democracy. It’s important that students learn to voice their opinions, and consider and respond to unfamiliar or disagreeable ideas. Since the Supreme Court’s […]

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Pat Szpekowski Recognized by Catholic Press Association

Pat Szpekowski, APR, a 20-year member of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association, recently received a first place recognition in the category of “Best coverage of a routine, sacramental event: weekly Diocesan newspaper, circulation 25,000 or less,” from the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada at the Catholic Media Conference in St. […]

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Photographer Takes Honors at NFPW High School Contest!

Nellie Murphy, a student at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School in Chicago, took third place honors in the Yearbook Photo category at the NFPW High School Contest. Murphy’s winning photo, Lollapalooza, was awarded first place in the same category in the IWPA High School Communications Contest.

The IWPA contest judge said of Murphy’s photo: […]

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Freedom of the Press: IWPA, the First Amendment and “Societies of Men”



“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

– First Amendment to the United States Constitution

As disparate as our nation’s politics, lifestyles, races, genders, or economic opinions may be we agree on one thing. Freedom of speech and of the press are critical. The ability to express ideas unrestrained is […]

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FAN-Fair April 2016: Trending 1st Amendment Issues

The Constitution’s framers intentionally provided the press with broad freedom, believing it necessary to the establishment of a strong, independent (if unofficial) “fourth branch” of the government.

At the end of each month, IWPA’s First Amendment network offers a roundup of free speech discussions trending in the media. Have you read about, or experienced an issue impacting First […]

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2016 Senior Lifestyle Expo Hosts Writing Challenge This August!

The 21st Annual Senior Lifestyle Expo will be held Tuesday August 23 – Wednesday August 24, 2016!

The Expo’s continuing mission is to bring seniors together with the products and services that are invaluable to maintaining their quality of life. It will feature over 100 booths, an entertainment stage, health and wellness info, interactive activities and educational […]

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2016 Communicator Of Achievement: Art Brauer

Art Brauer has been selected 2016 Communicator of Achievement by the Illinois Woman’s Press Association.
This prestigious award is the highest honor given by the IWPA to members who have distinguished themselves within and beyond their profession.

Each year an award recipient, chosen from nominees selected by state affiliates is nationally recognized for exceptional achievement in […]

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