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Illinois Woman’s Press Association
The objective of IWPA is to maintain and improve the professional standards of members in mass communications in Illinois, to promote their interest, and to provide for the sharing of ideas and information. IWPA is an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women.

P.O. Box 438489
Chicago, Illinois 60643
(312) 458-9151

2007-2008 Board Members

Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas
(312) 744-7096

1st VP—Programs, COA

Lana Brown
(815) 937-1989

2nd VP—Membership

Pamela Dittmer McKuen

Susan Brauer
(708) 361-8017

Recording Secretary
Elizabeth Dickey
(773) 728-2866

Immediate Past President /
2010 NFPW Conference Co-Chair

Suzanne Hanney
(312) 829-2526

2010 NFPW Conference Co-Chair
Cecilia Green
(630) 830-2839

Communications Contest Director
Angie Leszczak

PenPoints Editor
Terry Haycock
(847) 622-3965

PenPoints Designer
Bob Somogyi
(630) 963-3120

Art Brauer
(708) 361-8017

Who will join me as mentors?

Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas, IWPA PresidentNot too long ago, I was sorting through an old box of IWPA/NFPW documents and came across photographs taken at each one of the NFPW national conferences I’ve attended. They were all dressed up and wore big smiles on their faces. The photos were taken of the group on stage right after the national award winners had their names announced and been handed their national certificates. They were all beautiful.

I had met each of them because of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association.

In this photo taken during the 2009 Idaho Falls NFPW Conference are: Front row (from left): Cecilia Green, Marlene Cook, Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas, Ann Heinrichs, and Pamela Dittmer McKuen.
Back row: Barbara Land, Cindy Cruz, Suzanne Hanney and Val Ensalaco.

These were women I admired because they had come from such diverse careers and yet would lend you a hand to mentor the newcomer because that was what the women before them had done for them and it was after all, the right thing to do now for the newest members.

I looked at the photos and smiled the way one does when remembering the innocence of joining a club, an organization, or sorority in the days of one’s youth.

These women introduced me to the National Federation of Press Women at a time when I was searching to retool my skills, redefine my career and find out where my groove had been for the past few years.

These were the women who taught me how to promote my writing, especially
those very first short-fiction stories published in 2003 and 2004, which were more memoirs than fiction and had been cathartic to get on the page. These same women mentored me when I was a newcomer to the organization.

I packed the papers and photographs back into the box and told myself that I would email these women soon and express how I hoped we would see each other at the upcoming NFPW conference.

I knew what happened to some of them since those pictures had been taken.
A few were spotlighted in PenPoints, others featured on the IWPA web site. Some had attended the May awards luncheon. We spoke briefly promising to get together over coffee soon. We all had the same story, life was hectic, trying to deal with the economic downturn had not been easy for any of us, how did we end up wearing so many “hats”

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