IWPA Pix from 2005 Printers Row Book Fair
photos by Jan Lisa Huttner, IWPA PRBF Chair
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Canopy GLBL
Cindy & Friend
IWPA Authors Gen LaGreca (l) & Barbara Land (r) IWPA Board Member Cindy Cruz (r) Schmoozes with a Friend
Cynthia Friend
Darlene & Pat

IWPA Author Cynthia Ogorek (r) Receives Support from Her Friend
IWPA Members Darlene Morris (l) & Pat Szpekowski (r) Open for Business
Lana Crowd Marcy Marianne
IWPA Member Lana Brown (l) Orients a Prospective Member IWPA Board Members Marcy Darin (l) & Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas (r) Sign Copies of their New Short Story Collection
MG in Brown
IWPA Board Member Marion Gold Helps Set-Up on Saturday IWPA Board Member Marion Gold Signs Her Books on Sunday
Suzanne Jacquee

Incoming IWPA President Suzanne Hanney (l) Shares a Shift with Author Jacquee Thomas (r)

Pat Szpekowski (l) & Marion Gold (r) Smile under Our Huge Canopy

Thanks to Lana Brown, Cindy Cruz, Marcy Darin, Elizabeth Dickey, Sheila Elliott,
Marion Gold, Cecilia Green, Suzanne Hanney, Linda Heacox, Gen LaGreca, Barbara Land,
Rachel Madorsky, Darlene Morris, Cynthia Ogorek, Pat Szpekowski, Jacquee Thomas,
Marianne Wolf who all had a shift. Alas, I didn't get decent pix of everyone. . .but I did get many.

Jan Lisa Huttner, IWPA's annual PRBF Coordinator, can be reached at 312.663.5832.

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