Illinois Woman’s Press Association’s 2016 Mate E. Palmer Professional Communications Contest Results Announced

Illinois Woman’s Press Association
P.O. Box 180150, Chicago, Illinois  60618
CHICAGO – March 28, 2016 — The Illinois Woman’s Press Association (IWPA), in cooperation with the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW), honors the best professional journalists, writers and communicators in the state through the annual Mate E. Palmer Professional Communications Contest. Today, IWPA announced its […]

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2016 Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest Winners

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The First Amendment Begins at Home

This article is from contributing writer and IWPA Recording Secretary, Lolita Ditzler. She has been a writer and journalist for over 45 years and an IWPA member for the past 32 years.


“You’ll get your dad fired and the kids’ll flunk–all because you can’t keep your nose out of where it isn’t wanted!” My husband slammed out of […]

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The Era of the Book Bazaar

During the 1920s, Chicago newspapers often featured the activities of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association in their “Women’s Club Page.” Two such events during this time hosted by IWPA’s active membership included an Easter “Charity Bazaar” which was held at the Blackstone Hotel. The Association collected autographed books from Illinois authors for sale at […]

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FAN-Fair February 2016: Trending 1st Amendment Issues

The Constitution’s framers intentionally provided the press with broad freedom, believing it necessary to the establishment of a strong, independent (if unofficial) “fourth branch” of the government.

At the end of each month, IWPA’s First Amendment network offers a roundup of free speech discussions trending in the media. Have you read about, or experienced an issue impacting First […]

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This Veterans Day, Don’t Thank Them For Their Service.

I’ve been the wife of a combat veteran for the past 14 years. I met my husband back in 1994, just months after he was medically retired from the Army, and about two-and-a-half years after fighting in the first Gulf War. Just mere minutes into our first conversation where we met at a health […]

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Featured Member Business: Camberg Editing

Whatever the job, we can do it better, faster, and with more fun than anyone else around. We don’t just want to make your writing better, we want to make you a better writer.

Ashley Campbell and Matthew Greenberg first met as writers for the Northeastern Illinois University Independent and became friends as they were promoted […]

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15 Minutes to Immortality: Journalistic integrity and right to control information flow

Fame. Many want it; some get it. Even more have the chance with reality television, the Internet, and essentially every means technology allows us to put ourselves out there. Yes, Andy Warhol’s prophecy, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” seems to be entirely plausible.

For the sake of accuracy, the photographer […]

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Devoting Her Life to the Welfare of Humanity

Jessie A. Ackerman was featured in Prominent Women of Illinois published in 1932 by the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. She was often referred to throughout her life as the most traveled woman in the world by her peers. From those travels she worked as a social reformer, authored books, was a journalist and lectured […]

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A Sister Who Served

There are 2,853.03 miles between Chicago, Illinois and Anchorage, Alaska. It is a journey Cornelia Templeton Jewett Hatcher would make at least nine times during her life beginning in 1909. That year Cornelia, then known as Cornelia Templeton Jewett, was the managing editor of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union’s weekly publication, The Union Signal […]

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