So We All May Be Heard

The Era of the Book Bazaar

During the 1920s, Chicago newspapers often featured the activities of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association in their “Women’s Club Page.” Two such events during this time hosted by IWPA’s active membership included an Easter “Charity Bazaar” which was held at the Blackstone Hotel. The Association collected autographed books from Illinois authors for sale at […]

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Devoting Her Life to the Welfare of Humanity

Jessie A. Ackerman was featured in Prominent Women of Illinois published in 1932 by the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. She was often referred to throughout her life as the most traveled woman in the world by her peers. From those travels she worked as a social reformer, authored books, was a journalist and lectured […]

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A Sister Who Served

There are 2,853.03 miles between Chicago, Illinois and Anchorage, Alaska. It is a journey Cornelia Templeton Jewett Hatcher would make at least nine times during her life beginning in 1909. That year Cornelia, then known as Cornelia Templeton Jewett, was the managing editor of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union’s weekly publication, The Union Signal […]

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The Novel Achievement of Clara Louise Burnham

Clara Louise Burnham was born in Newton, Massachusetts, on May 26, 1854. She was one of six children of music educator and composer Dr. George F. Root, (Sheffield Berkshire County, Massachusetts) and his wife, Mary Woodman (Boston, Massachusetts). Early in Clara’s childhood Dr. Root moved his family from Newton to Chicago, Illinois. Clara, a […]

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Ever the Advocate: Kate F. O’Connor

One thousand pine trees were planted across an acre of the Mason state forest in celebration of Kate F. O’Connor’s life.  She had died at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, following a heart attack during the spring of 1945 and the members of the 12th district of the Illinois Federation of Women’s clubs wished […]

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A Woman of Insight & Integrity

Helen Ekin Starrett was exactly the type of woman who lived her life to the fullest. In constant motion as a wife and mother, she also took on the roles of author, editor, publisher, inventor, educator, reporter, respected business woman, Temperance member, volunteer and mentor.

A long-time suffragist, she was one of two delegates in […]

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So We All May Be Heard… Achieving Lifetime Status

As the historian and archivist of IWPA, I enjoy researching, discovering and writing about the women who have made contributions to the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. Writing about those who have long passed away and left us a trail of historical facts often provides me with imprints of their personalities and vision. It is […]

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Annie and Charles: The Sergels of Chicago

Annie Myers Sergel’s spirit of harmony and cooperation garnered her respect and sincere affection within the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. On many occasions, Annie, along with her husband Charles, delighted in hosting soirees and dinner parties for IWPA events in their Chicago home. Such was the reputation of the Sergel’s as entertainers that invitations […]

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The Lively Optimist

Her lively wit, wide sympathies and quick banter made Ethel Colson a popular lecturer and earned her numerous friends in the many social clubs of her era. She had the ability to identify with her audiences and that appeal was present throughout her writings, lectures and leadership. She understood the problems women faced and […]

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Journey of Conviction

She was an American activist for women’s rights, a key temperance reformer, journalist and a woman of great moral conviction. She spent most of her early life campaigning for a woman’s right to vote. Her experience as a national newspaper woman helped her advance the cause during her travels across the country. To many, […]

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