About Stephanie Nikitenko

Stephanie is currently attending Knox College in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Business and Management. After graduating from her undergraduate studies, Stephanie intends to enter into an MBA program to further her education. She plans to enter into the publishing industry upon graduation, while still writing and creating her own work. She aspires to publish and edit quality literary prose that will affect people in the way that Fitzgerald and Hemingway’s work did so in the past.

Joining the IWPA Executive Board: What’s In It For You?

The IWPA Executive Board does a phenomenal job of keeping the Association running and growing. Its commitment to continuing the mission of our founders over 130 years demonstrates passion for communications in general, and the importance of our unique place in history. The dedicated work of our Board members promotes IWPA’s ability to continue […]

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Social Media: Why You Should Engage IWPA!

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the three most visited and utilized social media sites of 2015. They allow users to connect with friends, family, and coworkers, establish professional networks, promote personal achievement, and advertise business organizations. Chances are almost everyone you know has an account on one or all of these platforms, making use […]

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3rd Annual Summer Social With The Chicago Writers Association: Communication At Its Finest

Open free to the public, IWPA will be hosting its joint event with the Chicago Writers Association on Saturday, July 11 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm (please see our events page). This is a fantastic opportunity for any communicator looking to make some connections, enjoy good food, and help promote one of IWPA’s main missions […]

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IWPA/NFPW Student Memberships: Opening Doors at a Discount

As a student communicator, I was enthralled by the benefits IWPA/NFPW offers its student members. When I applied to IWPA for a possible summer internship, the nurturing member community struck me as wonderful. Student memberships offer tangible benefits such as networking events and workshops, but also an extended hand of friendship and support. As […]

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Introducing IWPA’s 2015 Summer Intern!

My name is Stephanie Nikitenko and I am an undergraduate student attending Knox College for Creative Writing. My internship with IWPA this summer will be an absolutely phenomenal opportunity for me to engage with the field of writing and communications. I am fortunate enough to have been invited to several of their events over […]

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