About Diane Bushemi

Diane Bushemi has always loved the written word and has created poetry and fiction since grammar school. She has degrees with majors in Accounting and Psychology, as well as a BFA in Oil Painting from the American Academy of Art. She continues to hone her skills as an associate member of Palette and Chisel. Diane is also a singer/songwriter who is currently furthering her music education at the Old Town School of Folk Music. She has more recently ventured into writing as a potential vocation, and reads voraciously for pleasure and research. Her wide array of interests provides an intriguing pool from which to write about in her personal blog. Diane has had several pieces selected as Editor’s Pick on Open Salon. She is currently working as a theater and music critic for Edge Chicago, as well. In addition, she has co-written an illustrated childrens’ book series, and is working on a horror-themed graphic novel, both of which are in the process of publication. When Diane is not at her full-time position as an Accounting Manager, she is expanding her portfolios in prose, painting, and drawing, as well as recording and performing original music. She is currently designing and building a website on which she intends to combine her passions of writing, art, and music.

The First Amendment Begins at Home

This article is from contributing writer and IWPA Recording Secretary, Lolita Ditzler. She has been a writer and journalist for over 45 years and an IWPA member for the past 32 years.


“You’ll get your dad fired and the kids’ll flunk–all because you can’t keep your nose out of where it isn’t wanted!” My husband slammed out of […]

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This Veterans Day, Don’t Thank Them For Their Service.

I’ve been the wife of a combat veteran for the past 14 years. I met my husband back in 1994, just months after he was medically retired from the Army, and about two-and-a-half years after fighting in the first Gulf War. Just mere minutes into our first conversation where we met at a health […]

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15 Minutes to Immortality: Journalistic integrity and right to control information flow

Fame. Many want it; some get it. Even more have the chance with reality television, the Internet, and essentially every means technology allows us to put ourselves out there. Yes, Andy Warhol’s prophecy, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” seems to be entirely plausible.

For the sake of accuracy, the photographer […]

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The Song Remains Defamed: First Amendment rights of musicians in the political arena

What do Neil Young, REM, and Survivor have in common? Yes, all of them have created memorable, anthemic songs in their respective careers. Relevant to the First Amendment, however, their music has been used without permission in political campaigns just this year.

Neil Young called Donald Trump out on using Rocking in the Free World […]

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Hacking the Constitution

It seems like the news is incomplete these days without a report of a new outrageous delictum by the most insidious of 21st Century thieves—hackers.

This year alone, to name a few, AOL, JPMorgan Chase, and Home Depot had sensitive data stolen, costing these companies millions of dollars to recover from the breach. Lives are […]

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Freedom to Mislead‘em

Not everyone has experienced working as a journalist before computers. Many people still at least have an idea because of what it took to do homework in school, be it research for a science project, history paper, or anything else that required checking references.

You may have had to get a ride from a parent […]

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Introduction to FAN-Fair: Your voice matters

The IWPA is pleased to rejoin the National Federation of Press Women’s (NFPW) First Amendment Network (FAN) by appointing me, Diane Bushemi, as the FAN Contact for the Illinois affiliate.

As FAN Contact, it is my responsibility to keep our members apprised of First Amendment issues. As liaison for this subject, I am also charged […]

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